Prepping for an successful interview

Preparing for a job interview is stressful, trying to remember what to say and do. The big part of preparing is putting some thought into what you are going to wear. Along what is on your resume, your appearance should be your first priority check list in your preparation for a successful interview. You want to show up polished and dress appropriately for the role you are interviewing for. Businesses and companies want to see that you put effort into yourself and your appearance shows confidence which is an asset that they all look for. No matter what job or position that you are interviewing for, you have to Dress4it, dress for the job that you want.

Here are some tips of do’s and don’ts


-when dropping off a resume in person, don’t drop it off with friends

-don’t wait until you get into the business then dig your resume out of your back pack

-don’t over talk your employee in the interview

-don’t wear lulu tights as a dress pants

-don’t wear sneakers

-don’t smell (hygiene / cigarette breath)


-study the business or company that you are interested in

-have your resumes nicely organize in a folder when dropping it off in person

-introduce yourself when dropping off a resume to business managers

-have a firm hand shake

-have good hygiene

-dress attire

-make eye contact in the interview

-smile with confidence

-politely thank them for the interview

-remember last impression is just as good as first impression if not better

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To save time in the morning

Most of us we struggle to find time in the morning to get ready for work not because we are inefficient but because mornings are madness with kids and getting them ready for school therefore we leave little time for ourselves.  One thing that I always do in the evenings after dinner is that I plan my outfit and have it lay out all ready for the morning.  Once I have the ideal outfit it'll make my process of getting ready in the morning much faster so I don't have to just throw on what ever and start the day in frustration.

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