About Dress4it

Let's face it, image matters!  In an instant image and appearance can convey so many things such as success, character, personality, style and status.  How you present yourself is a valuable asset to the public eye.  Dress4it is built on the structure of self-worth with the intention to help clients be the best version of themselves.

 You only have one chance to make a first impression and if you want something you have to Dress4it!


About Elaine

Helping people look and feel good about themselves is the journey of my heart and soul. My ambition is to teach my clients how to save time and money and bring out their own personal style with confidence with every outfit they put on.  Nothing motivates me more then seeing the smile and the relief of stress from my clients face.

With over 10 years of experience of being an entrepreneur, a Luxury Lingerie Consultant, a Visual Specialist and now I have extended my level of expertise in a Certified Personal Image Consultant and Stylist. 

Let me help you discover your true beauty, your true self and potential. Your image shouldn't be about attention it’s about respect, how you dress is how you feel. It’s never the outfit that makes a statement, how you carry yourself is the statement.